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Some of the Historical Major Cyberattacks and their Impacts on the World

Whenever technology is concerned, you find that the negative impact it brings to the world is cybercrime. You find that it not only affects individual business platforms but also the government. Despite the attempts of the organizations concerned and even the government to limit the cases of cybercrimes, they still remain to be something that many people and companies have to deal with in their day-to-day operations. According to this website, the primary target of the cyber criminals is the financial sector and classified information in companies. The cybercriminals always make it when it comes to leaking the private information of certain companies and most of the time leaves them with big financial losses as well. If you are on this site to learn more about the cases of cyberattacks in the history of the world, then you need to view here for more info from this site.


Google China is among the main cyberattacks that really affected the world at some point and that is why it is among the greatest ones in history. While there are incredible measures taken into consideration on one of the world's major online browsers, google still had to experience the impacts of cyberattacks. There are hackers who were able to access the servers on google with the main goal of accessing its intellectual property. While Google was the primary target, there were also other places that were targeted and the companies in this mess ended up suffering in many ways.


If you are wondering the extent to which some people can go just to win a vehicle in a competition, this is it; there was an individual who hacked a radio station to block every other caller so that they would be the only one with the ability to make the calls and win the car. The fact that this person was able to control an entire phone network to win a car changes his life because it earned them five years in prison.

In 1999, there was a 15-year-old boy namely Jonathan James who hacked into the United States department of defense systems in which case, there was an illegal installation of a backdoor on the serves. The hacking in this case aimed at getting private info and passwords that would enable the boy to steal a certain software from the NASA department. A nineteen-year old boy in a quest to find more friends on a social network that was known as Myspace network ended up hacking millions of user accounts. To learn more about the MYspace network hacking,click here for more info.

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